Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


I am so mad – having been told in Bristol in November (after 5 month wait for appt) that I have been accepted for SCS and will be able to have the trial in January, I got a letter on Friday saying that they have now decided (after consultation with Dr Nik Patel, their neurosurgeon who does the permanent implants) that I should have another nerve block first. I told them that the first nerve block did almost nothing, except minimal few days of leg pain being slightly easier – but had about 8 days straight after the nerve block of barely being able to walk. Also told them that I doubled my BuTrans and tramadol, so that could well have been why my leg wasn’t quite so bad for a few days!
The consultant has even written in her letter to my GP (copied to me) that I had already booked another nerve block when I havent even received an appointment for the follow-up consultation from the first one!
I feel so frustrated with this system – this is how the last 17 years have meandered by!