Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


Hi Bren. Hate to say but part of the process is guidlines and straight forward and then of course Politics creep in. The political process is improving as the wonderful gadget reduces in price to the NHS. They seem to have almost reached the stage where the more they use the cheaper it becomes which is patient friendly. One thing that I would point out that campaigning for your own good is annoying and frustrating but doesn’t make you stressed in the way they would choose to analyse it medically If you admit to stress it well could influence implantation as one of the reasons for not going ahead is where they consider a patient would not cope with failure. That is because the scs may not work for you and if it does fails in the future. It also has to be replaced and is considered non urgent surgery For a few months in my case back to the old wheelchair I will go. That needs physcological strengths that you obviously have but need to be conveyed to the team implanting. Basically you have to learn the principals and play the game to your advantage. To be honest I was nearly not implanted because I was too determined but I had loads of medical backup to prove my case from other sources. Consultants like to decide for the patient but the patient has to be their guiding light haha. Then they tell you it is your decision of course!! I am certain you have the determination and happy to help where I can.