Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


Not really an expert at all…just learned a lot through long haul experience and we all remember the parts that go wrong ! As I read it Bren you may have a slight obstacle that needs you to fight your corner quite hard if you wish to continue the scs route. I also had two secondary problems the interfere with surgery and implantation. I have a blood problem which meant that the levels had tro be adjusted for a few months and immediately before surgery. I also have a cancer history that should any remaining cells enter the spinal cord it would be terminal. It was hard for me to convince Consultants that it was a wise move but I felt I had little left in the way of options. Scs has helped me but it has made huge differences in small ways. I can hobble around better and use a wheelchair less but pain wise it is difficult to assess as I stretch my limits. My operation also left me with another problem as it has effected my digestive system so just another thing to cope with. In my case I had got fairly desperate and took risks. I assume heart complaints are a huge risk in all surgery so if they object on those grounds you may have to fight tough ! Specialist Neuro Centres normally have unlimited funding and it should not be an issue. Just relocate your referral. Good luck and remain patient as it is neccessary