Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


Good luck on Thurs Claire and hope that all goes well for you. Be interested to know which hospital you are having your assessment . If you aree going to Walton you will find that the first appointment is ti reach a decision as to whther or not the scs will actually work reasonably well or whether there are different ways forward which may be better. There will be questionaires and interviews and tests from the Consultant. The question of the ability to pace will probably arise too which I took to mean that they make sure people are not implated and then abuse the actual implanted equipment by ignoring it is there. I imagine it is assumed that you want a better quality of life by having an increase in mobility and ability. To go off playing contact sports however would be considered unreasonable as the leads can easily come adrift if abused. I think in reality all of us that consider we do not pace in practice to a certain extent do as we rest when can carry on no further just like we always have. Frustratingly that is more frequently and for longer periods than in a normal circumstance. We do get there….in the end.