Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7

chris tay

Sorry for not being around lately, not that I have missed as reading up on the past strings indicate, what with my pc falling apart to a stage
beyond repair, then finding the cash to purchase
another only to fall down the stairs rushing to catch the delivery man, who as it happens was bringing our new laptop, (anniversary present for
our thirty three years of imprisonment of the marital kind), oh what a life we lead.
The wife has just found that all that heavy chemo she had back in the seventies has now ignited a series of side effects that she was never told about like hardenning of all her arteries and actual heart damage, and severe arthritis amongst other things.
The daughter is now also started capraxone to aide her MS conditon that is now worsening,
She’s a brave kid and I admire her partner who
is now taking over and looking after her so well.
My father was right before he passed on he said
that Earth is a testing ground for all, it has its beauty and its ugly side and we all suffer in one or another, maybe this is hell where we occasionly get glimpses of heaven. When we see its true beauty in its sunny days and scenic
countries. Most of us are blind and do not see, but lifes treasures are there for all to share, if only we looked at it in the right way.
No matter always look on the bright side eh.
cheers for now take care all