Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


In the process of scs I had xrays and tests in Belgium and they gave me the photographs and test reports to bring back so I have those. When referred to Walton they took them all again and did additional MRI scans as they are the last I could have. The hospital stored all the xrays and MRI photos on a cd and when I asked for a copy of patient info it was on the list. I thought if something goes wrong and I need an op at another hospital then it would be useful to have the info to hand as hospitals do not have easy access to notes at another. I thought that only another hospital would be able to access it but it throws up all the pictures on windows. I was amased how many pictures there are stored and have never found time to look at them all. It was good to see where all the leads etc go through the body . Most of the rest is just boring and don’t understand it anyway but for a fiver it is a souvineer !! I think they should be free haha