Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


I think that Liz has made a very important point. By the time I approached the NHS I had already sought my own professional opinions outside the system. That made me hard to refuse without sound argument. However I still got argument and was accused at one time of being a man with mission. Well for sure I was..I was in pain and they had told me there was nothing to be done for me. It was a bit sh++ or bust for me and I felt I had nothing to lose. Despite firm med evidence that I was suitable and there was no other way forward I still had a fight. I am the first to accept that some people are not suitable and some cannot accept that there is a gain but not a significant one normally. It is a pain relief and not any more than that. It enables me choices in how I approach disabled challenges. I use it as an option on how to achieve a goal. Albeit sleeping comfy instead of laying awake or going 100 yards to a shop upright instead of in a wheelchair. My improvement is about 80%. On a 1% mobility that is almost double but 98% is still not anywhere near joy. It is hard to understand but that is worth a lot to me. I have promised you some more info I think Claire but still not got the computer access. It is very stressful at times and my partner has scs also but it was good to have friends on here that communicated so well during the implantation. It is unexplainable till you get there. Waiting is hard and that is funnily enough probably a good thing