Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7

Sweet Caroline

Hi Rob and all ‘tinglers’
I am just back from my holiday and had a great relaxing time. I have had an appointment sent to me from another hospital to attend a pain management clinic,I had no idea of who reffered me for this so I phoned and discovered that the doctor that done my implant has now left and the clinic has been moved to this other hospital and a new doctor will be seeing me on the 16th of July so hopefully I will get some answers as to why my implant has been done in this way. It seems as if they have tried to do this a cheaper way and if thats the case surely it should have been explained that the operation can be done in two ways and I should have been given the choice before and not be offered more surgery now to sort what is not working the way it should be. I feel quite let down but will see what this other doctor has to say then decide what to do.
hope everyone is doing well