Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


That is an interesting statement Caroline. The leads that they use for trial are different from the implantation leads. It sounds as though when you went for trial and they continued to complete it they made a grave error at your expense. The trial leads are round and the implantation leads are spade shaped. That would fully explain the predicament you are in as the round electrodes cannot grip and continually move. I would ask for a copy of your implantation xray disc and see if this is the error. IF it is I personally would recommend that you take it further. There are potentially serious isues here and if you have doubts I would seek a second opinion at a different hospital. IF they have implanted you completely incorrectly they haven’t only given you a poor quality of life now but they have given you a far greater risk factor. It does highlight that it is essential to get an implantation done by experienced Surgeons. Paralysis from scs implantation is 4% and each time the leads are inserted in the spine that risk is there. Because it is classed minimally invasive does not make it any safer. I hope that they sort you out soon and you get better treatment next time.