Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7

Sweet Caroline

Hi Amanda, Yes they have tried the settings and to be fair I get great coverage from it on both my legs and feet. The neurosurgeon will remove the leads which are in the epidural space and use a new ‘all singing and all dancing’ lead that has become available and implant in at the spinal cord which has a lot of risk involved, she would also have to re site the battery which is in my buttock to just a bit higher nearer the hip area. I have just yesterday started using the scs on a very low setting and having it on most of the day I cant feel its on unless I stretch or take a deep breath,Im trying this to see if it has any benefit and maybe just increase very slightly until I get a comfortable slight tingle that I can cope with. Thanks for your thoughts x
Kaz, whinge away girl your entitled x