Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


Hi Guys,
yep I’m still waiting for my Surgeon to come home (hopefully it’s this weekend) to get my SCS put right.The only thing working now is the battery but whether I’ll be able to get the whole thing changed in one go or whether I’m gonna have to have 2 ops (1 for the lead in my neck and another for the one in my lower back) to get it working again I don’t know until I either speak to or see my Surgeon.
I’ve also got a feeling that I’m gonna end up having to say can it wait until the School Holidays in July once my Mum finally finishes the Chemo at the end of June.She’s not really doing anything much at the moment either and I know for certain that my Daughter will end up having at least 3 days off School if I go in before the Summer Hols cos my Mum won’t walk her the 5 mins it takes to get to School.She keeps saying she’s too tired and won’t make it to the School and back but then again she managed to walk round the shops this morning for about 45 mins so I don’t know what’s going on there either.
I’m just getting really fed up of the pain now and want some of it to go away but I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and see what happens with everything else that’s going on at the moment aswell.
Sorry for the whinge.
love and hugs Kaz xx