Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


I had my 1st scs fitted in 1998 and since then i have had to had to have replacements once a year for me personally it definitely takes the edge off the pain but it is no miracle cure. However when the battery goes i really know about it and definitely cant get out as much. unfortunately as well as the scs i still rely very heavily on high opiates drugs.
I really hope you dont have to wait to long for your trial the whole process is very long and drawn out but it is definitely worth giving it a go.
Feel free to email me if you want to ask any questions and goodluck with it all.
I hope everyone else is doing ok Rob it sounds like the scs is giving you some improvement which is great news.
Im still recovering from surgery and still pretty sore but im going to see my surgeon tommorrow for a follow up. I am delighted that since having the metal work out the nerve pain is definitely a little bit better so i am very thankful for that.
Liz i hope u are ok hun. Have they changed the position of your battery yet. and Kaz are you still waiting hun.
Anyway take care all and sending you all lots of love Nicky