Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 7


Evening All, been reading parts 6&7 of the SCS postings, and wanted to introduce myself.. . I’m Steph (age 40) and been in hideous pain, like all of you, for 17 years now. I have forgotten what its like to not have pain, or to be able to do things without “paying” for them big style in extra pain. I have just been recommended for SCS and have quite a wait I expect as I have to do all the appointments, screenings, trial etc. but the neurosurgeons I saw reckon I am an ideal candidate.

I hope you wont mind me having read your posts, you seem like a wonderfully friendly bunch of fantastic people who are fighters and survivors, not victims, which is how I have tried to live my life since pain. I really appreciate reading your postings as it gives me some idea of what to expect and the kind of teething problems that seem to occur.

My biggest problem I expect will be pacing myself. I went on the Input 1-month pain management course years ago, but still cant operate a pacing regime as I’m too manic, despite the pain, so I tend to do what I can, then crash out!

Any advice at this early stage would be much appreciated. Meanwhile, looking forward to joining you – no idea when yett.

Thanks so much. All the best. Steph

(PS: the posting re: 10 pain score becoming 5 but then the 5 seeming like a new 10 in time was very interesting, and also that secret hope of a miracle cure – I’ve subconsciously done that so many times prior to surgery or other treatments, then wham, big let down).