Reply To: Fentanyl patches


I have now tried both Matrifen and Durogesic patches for a couple of weeks each, and have also played with the change over duration. I am settling for Durogesic 25mcg/hr changed every 48 hours. My GP has OK’d this regime.
These give me the most consistent performance, and changing every other day has removed the up/down as the withdrawal and re-dose happens. Does anyone get 3 days out of these patches?
I am generally a lot more tired than I was before fentanyl, but my resting pain is now very low for the first time in years, and my flare ups, although still as painful at their peak, settle down faster once I return to rest – they used to stay flared up for days (sometimes more than a week) so this is a major improvement. 
I had hoped that Fentayl would stop the flare ups happening so readily, and I think that if I went to a higher dose that might be the case, but as I often feel my face ‘going’ I won’t be increasing my dose any more yet. 
I have been getting some hot flushes, and have found myself sitting in the cool outside a few times, but it’s better than the unrelenting pain.