Reply To: Fentanyl patches


I had a spinal fusion in 92 L5S1 failed made much worse.
I tried the gabapentin etc. but I have discoved that I also have spondylitis with very severe headaches and most pills make it worse, so eventually put on duragesic fentanyl started on 25 after 3 years on 150 did not have a proper nights sleep and the cold sweats in that time and the depression almost cost me my life!
Now on mst 130 with spinal injections every 6 months but now 7.5 months usually get down to 50 mg after 5 days then for 2 months back up to 90 then up to 130 before next jabs only last time took 14 days only got to 70 for 5 weeks then up to 90 by 6 weeks.
But to get to 50 is fantasic for side effects of mst, severe constipation, urine retention, insomnia, sickness and itching as well as the depression, tried the other patches but the sickness and headaches were too bad, same with the Octys.