Reply To: Fentanyl patches


I have been on fentanyl for five years now and was initially on 75 but found that it was just too strong to allow anything else for breakthrough pain. The pain relief was ok but the head went astray. I am totally uncertain whether or not the release is consistent as it no longer works that well for me. I am on 50 but can add to but it still destroys the head so I dont. Heat definitely ups the output and the fact that the patch eases away over three days doesnt help either. I was supposed to have a total change in pain relief regime at beginning of the year but other problems intervened. At one time I was on a combo including gabapentin and had no trouble with that however lyrica is one of the few I have been given that I just could not get along with. Having been on heavy pain med for many years I am not sure what route they will take or what we will agree to in order to balance the long term effects. A New Year problem. Fentanyl certainly helps and on the odd occasion I forget to change the patch it soon becomes apparent. I dont think there is anything gives 100% pain relief and allows the eyes to stay open is there? If so I want some of that.