Reply To: Tramadol, Efficacy & Longevity


Hey McMoggy,

I wouldn’t worry too much about it becoming less effective. The first few times it does ‘knock you’ whereas after that it doesn’t, so that will change, but I have been on it for years and have always found it to be an effective painkiller. Sometimes you need a bit more, but I don’t think that is the medication; I think it is the pain!
Sometimes if I can manage with my butrans and other medications, I leave out the tramadol- and that way it is always there to ‘turn to’ when I need it, like the early hours of this morning- eugh!

However, and this is massively important, and took me years and years to work out- there’s no reward for being stoical and just suffering the pain, so if you need it, take it!

Keep well and I really hope it continues to help you.

kind regards

izzy xx