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so sorry to hear you’ve been thrown into medical retirement. i was given the same in 2005…its hard at first and the stress made me so ill for a couple of years…initially i just sat waiting for friends or family to call me cos at the time we also had to give back our home to the mortgage co. who were actually critised by the judge in county court.We couldn’t get the insurance to pay out as i’d had a previous back operation ten years before ( which they knew about)and they said although it was a new operation for a new spinal problem it couldn’t be for certain unconnected !!!!i was distraught up until my husband gave them the keys ( i was having complex cervical instrumentation proceedure on the actual court day) i woke up from op to see my husband there and i smiled at the relief of it all…other things happened along the way financially and physically (4 more ops) but when you have someone chasing you for money the attitude changed when you tell them you don’t own a home is amazing !!
i still miss my work colleagues and the meeting up gets few and far between and there’s usually more down than up days but i just take the smaller pleasures when i can and eventually you learn to relax and smile….take care and don’t let them grind you down…