Reply To: ill health retired


I had to retire from a job I loved, even though everything possible was done for me I had to accepd ill health retirement in the end. I know just how you are feeling.

I went through a very rough patch after that, it was like bereavement. Too many losses one after another, loss of my health, losses – to be pain free, loss of my ability to walk, loss of most of the things I used to just take for granted. It was overwhelming at the time. But is gets better little by little. This is when I found mindfulness most helpful as it stopped too much looking back at what had been and “why me” and “what if” thinking, it rooted me firmly in the present from where I was able to plan ahead for some good times and realise I had a great deal to be grateful for and that life was good. It does take time and sometimes I still get very sad and angry about not being able to work, but it does get better. My advice: – look forward not back!