Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 8


hi my fellow tinglers,
sorry i havent posted for ages but seeing as tommorrow is my 18 month check on my scs i know it will soon be time for a replacement, Liz have u been back to the stimulator clinic to try and get this sorted. Has it been happening since you had it implanted or is it a new problem. I would definitely go back and see them as that dosent sound like a normal side effect,
My pain is pretty much the same as always unfortunately no better but now with the added problem of a heart condition know as sinus tachycardia my heart beat is way to fast and i have had 3 irregular ecgs but thankfully the angiograme and the echocardiograme were clear so the cardiologist has no idea what is causing it and has put it down to the pain an the meds.
. I was beginning to wonder if he would want to put in a pace maker but im not sure if thats possible, any ideas on that rob.
Any way i will catch up with u all soon I hope you dont wait to long Mary but from starting with a referral to eventually having it done was about a 2 year wait but hopefully it is less than that now and your borough may be better then ours.
anyway lots of love to u all Nicky