Reply To: Colonoscopy & gastroscopy


I’ve had multiple endoscopy’s and one colonoscopy.
I had to have them, for reasons such as pain, vomiting blood, blood from back passage, chronic constipation, etc.
They found a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia.
Because I have such severe chronic constipation, all the bowel preps they have given me, didn’t work, including picolax, and Many other laxatives, enemas and suppositories (I take a lot daily including a new one called Prucalopride)
(they said my bowels don’t work because of my incomplete spinalcord injury, damage to the nerves, the long term use of strong pain meds and long term use of laxatives.)
For my first ever endoscopy, the sedation worked and I didn’t remember much. For other endoscopys and the colonoscopy did not work, and found it quite stressful.