Reply To: Knee Problem


Wow Dorio,

Someone out there who possibly has the same problem as me so Im guessing its not all in my head. At the one hospital im now on my 5th orthopaedic surgeon and the way its going i think im going to ask to go to another hospital.

Surely to have pain there needs to be a cause?

My main pain is the pain deep behind the patella but also have sharp and low achey pain and burning pain all over the knee area. Im chasing and chasing for my MRI as I am going to do it this time to try and get to the bottom of my issue.

Im trying to hold down a full time job and its getting harder emotionally cause of the way my hospital is letting me down but hopefully now I have a complaint in it shouldnt get as bad as I am now on personal terms with the Orthopaedic Clinical Services Manager