Reply To: Knee Problem



Thanks for all your replies. Believe it or not you guys have more suggestions than what the hospital have given me. If my knee interests you Bazzer I believe its confusing the hell out of the hospital. The general consensus is I have more than one issue going on in my knee and they are not all linked but they dont know what the issues are yet which is driving me insane. I’m doing everything they have told me to do, am taking strong painkillers like they have asked, surely the least they could do is try and get to the bottom of it. I have been in constant pain since i was 25 and im now 32 and nowhere near forward.

All the doctors have said I will develop arthritis if it hasnt already started but they havent checked to see if this is the case. The last x-ray in november showed my patella was looking ok but i guess that only shows the bone doesnt show what is going on around it and obviously not whats behind it.

I just feel so let down by my hospital they dont realise just how much pain they leave in when they lose you in the system which appears to be happening again