Reply To: Knee Problem


A DEXA scan shows whether a person has osteoporosis – it is normally carried out on the whole body and not just one particular joint. If a person has osteoporosis the bones look like honeycombe on the scan and medication can be prescribed to thicken the bone density. I have had two Dexa scans, one before medication and one 2 years later after medication. However, with loose or torn cartilage floating about within the knee cap usually results in an arthroscopy where they make two small incisions in the knee and literally wash out all the debris which is in there. I have had four arthroscopies, 2 on each knee but they only bought me a little bit of time until both knees had to be replaced. The Dexa scan may show up osteoarthritis but I would have thought an ordinary Xray or a scan would be more appropriate. It is very painful when cartilage has broken away and floats around in the knee because it can get trapped at times then the pain gets worse. Sometimes the pieces of torn cartilage settle elslewhere in the knee and then is when it becomes less painful.
Regards – Inga.