Reply To: Knee Problem


I use tramadol, it does little for my knees, i had 8 sessions of accupuncture, head to toe for everything, over the weeks more needles, i’m afraid it did little for me. I injured my knees riding a bike, since then i’ve spent nearly 4 years trying to get them back, like i say orthotics are a good start, soft velcro leg supports, ice, plenty of rest, if it hurts don’t go there, and blocking it out with drugs could bring far worse probs unless you’re resting in the evening, or similar. I used a physio for a while who’d been a football coach, look for someeone like that, get bits of information from all sorts of people, don’t wait for the n.h.s. they’re all hi tech gear and drugs these days, they’re seldom ‘hands on’. I’d even try a tens machine, but it will take time, and as you go along, listen to your body, if things feel better don’t overstep the mark, pace yourself. Instead of swimming try walking in the water (resistance walking), must go now, played out