Reply To: Knee Problem


Hiyah, yeh, i mean i’m firing shots in the dark here, i can’t remember how many bursas there are in the knee, they can create some pain, hollow nosed needle to drain, or complete removal. Scar tissue below or under the patella can really cause pain/ nerve probs. The dislocation, would be interested to know why they felt at the time you’d have probs later. I have continual nerve pain below patella, and both sides are numb, never had a corrrect diagnosis, 2 m.r.i.’s showed nothing, minor osteoarthritis, consultant told me to get a bike and rid e it, i told him riding a bike is how my probs started!. Have you had any inspection into the knee, can’t remember, when they enter a tube with a small camera, not the best of things.
If your knees in alignment, if the muscles are strong, if your tendons/ligaments are well flexed then i think bursa, scar tissue, or possibly infection, or the duration of this whole thing may have caused a wearing of the miniscus, i mean, is there stiffness, the feeling of grinding when you move the knee