Reply To: Knee Problem


Sorry guys,

Should have said my main pain isnt coming from the patella its coming from deeper within and thats the thing I’m having the problem with them trying to find out whats wrong. Yes I am on the heavier side but when I was a lot heavier I wasnt in this pain pain has only started since i lost weight. I have been told I am only allowed to walk on soft ground and swimming but the stroke I swim I’m not allowed to do. Im trying to lose weight but finding it hard as I cant do a lot of exercise as if Im on my feet or sitting down it causes me pain. I sit with a poufee so i can have my legs out straight for a bit of relief also have a bag of peas in the freezer which gets used a lot.
I do have issues with my patella which i can accept but this constant pain which gives me different pains is not normal but dont think they will get to the bottom of it. I have been getting conflicting information from the doctors I dont know who or what to believe. The only doctor I trust is my GP and it must be bad when he is getting as fed up as me with the lack of treatment or support I’m getting. Im trying to hold down a full time job which is very hard with the pain im in and now I am these patches I am worried. I cant lift anything heavy, cant bend and my mobility has went to pot.