Reply To: Knee Problem


Hi, look lets start from your feet up, have you tried orthotics individually made up for each foot, i can’t walk properly without them, they have helped to realign my knees, take the pain and pressure out of my hips and lower back, but because i’m 60 its taking a hell of a long time, my body just doesn’t want to ‘re adjust’, and i know all about it. With your knees you could have a patella tracking problem, some people have their knees taped, you need a good physio for that, look private, the n.h.s. too much of a mixture of ‘talent’, similarly, if your’e overweight, please lose it, but most importantly is to build up the strength in the muscles directly above your knees, your quads, strengthening these can really help realign and strengthen the knees. Possibly find a gym with someone who really knows how to gently work on and build up these muscles, the more strength in your legs, the less probs. A static bike for gently getting the knee in movement, don’t rush into things, the knee is such a complicated affair. Postures important, sitting too long with knees bent eg like now, doesn’t help, stretching hamstrings, if they are tight they can cause all sorts ofprobs with knee, even causing the knee to ‘groove’ out laterally.