Reply To: Knee Problem


lot of pain and will definitely cause arthritis due to the amount of time I have been left in this pain with nothing getting done. So he advised another athroscopy would need to be done so he could see what is wrong.
I waited ages for the appointment to come through and finally got it for july ’11 and the day of the op came and went to a hospital in another area for it and surgeon who turns out to be the knee specialist came to see me and said ‘I dont believe this operation will be of any benefit for you as it appears your pain is more deep rooted’ It was discussed in great detail and we agreed I should and would go through with another MRI if it would help them get to the bottom of it.
Well the appointment never arose so after speaking with my wonderful GP it was decided I should put in a letter of complaint to my local NHS detailing everything that has and hasnt been done and within 2 weeks the clinical services manager of the orthopaedic dept called me. After detailing everything with him again he said I could go to another hospital but not realising the surgeon in july was the new knee specialist for my local hosp I asked to just see him as it needs to be a knee specialist I see as its a complex issue and he arranged an appointment for me with him in nov and also chased up my pain clinic appointment and got an appt for 2 days later in november.
I went and seen the knee specialist who took xrays in positions i have never had done before and the one they were worried