Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


hi fellow tinglers,
Wow what a lot of heartache we have all been through but when you put it into perspective even though we are all suffering we are all still here to tell the tale.
Rob and Ross you are 2 brave guys and i really admire your strength of character.
Kaz sorry to hear that they are still mucking you about. Is there a family member or friend that can put their foot down and insist on you getting a date. Im probably the worst person in the world for pushing for appointments but my dad is the opposite he gets things done immediately. I waited and waited for my consultant to orgasnise a scan and i kept phoning once a week and asking how much longer and I was just not getting anywhere so in the end i asked my dad to try for me and the following day i had my scan. You just need someone strong to fight for you which i know is easier said then done. I hope you dont have to wait to much longer.
Liz i dont think your being vain sweetie i hate the way the scs buldges out. Mines on the right hand side of my body at waist level which is a pain as i used to sleep on that side but now i can only sleep on my back. I think they are going to reposition it next time as it really sticks out in fact sometimes it looks like it will pop through the skin. especially as the Synergy is double the size of the rechargable model. I will try and find out how to get a photo of it to show you.
Any way take care guys and happy tingling