Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


I also feel that I have an increased pain in my right side & am sure it was there pre SCS so I think my brain was so busy processing the left leg the right side took a back seat – now the left leg is improved my brain says ‘hey up the right side is really painful now’….I am being realistic & keeping it in perspective – it is no way as bad as my leg was!!! I am also staying on a third of my fentanyl dose for the time being & am not beating myself up about it!!! HONEST Ha Ha.
Are these all potential reasons why some SCS are labelled as ‘failures’ – is it to do with expectation (I understand that this is not so for all as the SCS will only help some people) but I do wonder if it is for some. I guess if I thought about it I could say mine had ‘failed’ – it failed the little secret part of my brain that wanted a cure & I have had to consistently remind myself of the benefits it has given me & not dwell on my secret thoughts.
….and more…….