Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


All pluses then, but I now find that the other “avenues” that I mentioned have come into sharper focus. The effect of changes in barometric pressure are more noticeable. When a weather front comes through I am forced to seek refuge by lying down and keeping very still. This is the arthritis for sure. I find I have a stronger tendency to clench my teeth which has resulted in some dental damage. My stump is still “on fire” – but the lack of spasm has made my coping strategies more effective. I feel more “in myself”, and less at the mercy of the continuous flow of dodgy signals from my central nervous system.

So I can say that the op was indeed a partial success. It was not a cure, and other symptoms have pushed their way to the front – but I’m grateful for the space that DBS has given me for dealing with them. I’m glad also, that the surgeon warned me in advance. Otherwise I might well have been disappointed.

love and best wishes