Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


When I had the preliminary interview with the neuro-surgeon who did my DBS implants, we talked about expectations and the definition of (relative) success re. the operation. It was useful, and here’s a condensed version:

He described my pain sensations as a matrix, with triggers in various different parts of my body all combining into “what I feel”. This matrix, in my case, is made up of various avulsed nerves, corresponding damage to the spinal cord, damage to the (rt) brachial plexus, scar tissue relating to 34 separate fractures and resultant arthritis, posture imbalance due to my new shape, and phantom limb pain. We slung in a few more possibles for good measure, of a psychological nature.

He explained that the stimulation of two areas in my brain would possibly reduce my perception of parts of the pain symptoms that beset me. BUT, he was careful to point out that it could not cover all the avenues leading into the “matrix”. He expected a 50% reduction in some of these sources – but he was careful to explain another thing to me. I think it’s worth noting