Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi Rob,
glad your doing well and that the stimulator is covering a good area for you and it’s great to hear that your starting to be able to walk better now too (don’t over do things though hun).Could the pains your getting under your ribs be from where they’ve tunnelled the lead to your battery box as I get this and my Consultant said it’s in exactly the spot where my lead runs.
As for me well I’m starting to find that it’s more and more difficult to pretend to people (mainly my Mum and Dad) that I’m ok as the CRPS is driving me absolutely crazy.I want to scream every time my foot touches the ground when I’m walking and I know that I’ve definately started to get slower when I’m walking aswell.I’ve phoned my Consultant’s secretary 4 times since the beginning of Feb and each time I get told summit different.Last time I was told that they were getting a rep to come in to try re programming the lead that covers my left leg some time that week (I phoned last Monday) and I feel like I’ve been fobbed off again cos I’ve heard nothing back.
love and hugs Kaz xx