Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Thanks everyone and sounds practical advice. I discussed it with Walton this morning and they offered to see me before leaving Liverpool but on the face of it there seems little point. My main concern was that the scs covers a greater area than that of the trial and I can actually turn it up and cover waist down completely. Hence I thought it may be stimulating the bowel a bit and causing the problem. They thought that was unlikely. The op took longer than anticipated and the antibiotics were upped due to my lack of spleen. The Chris Tay theory sounds spot on and the ribs being so sore ties up with you Di. I am now on that peppermint and hope to blow my problem away. The journey was sore but manageable and hope to feel better when the stitches are out tomorrow. It can only get better ! Thanks to everyone.