Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi All
Rob – glad all is OK apart from the ‘wind’, miserable….it will eventually go & your appetite will come back, for now try all the nice things & loads of peppermint (good advice). Same old advice as everyone else – don’t rush!!!! x
Hi Nicky – Things are not too bad here ta. I am getting used to life with the SCS but it has not been a cure all – I knew it wouldn’t be & I am sure there is a secret expectation that it will fix all. I have accepted that I have a far better quality of life with it & am more than happy with how things are. I have reduced my fent by a third but have some problems with my right hand side so cannot get any lower at the mo – I am going back for a bit of reprogramming soon so hope to find out more then. It’s abit frustrating as I didn’t start the fent for my side – but hope that I might be able to get down further soon. The recharging is no problem. I charge over my clothes so it doesn’t get hot or sore now. It did to start with but no hassle now. I am going to ask about the charger as I think it is not doing it properly but it could be user error – LOL. I think I would opt for the rechargeable but have nothing to compare it with? Difficult decision for you. How are you in general at the mo?
Hope all other tinglers are suitably well tingling & that everyone is enjoying this breath of spring
Liz x