Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi Rob,
Im sorry to hear that you are feeling this way, Ive always had stomach and bowel problems after every surgery and i know how miserable it makes you feel, and you feel beaten enough without stomach problems and more weakness from not eating and sleeping well, I really feel for you. Some peppermint tea may well help as Di suggested, my sister in law always brings me up some tea bags when im in hospital, I dont much like the taste but it does help a little, good point about the pro-biotic drinks too, (I will get some in the fridge-thanks Chris)
I hope that it all settles down quickly for you hun, this period of time is the worst bit after any surgery, its the 2 weeks from hell until our bodies start to feel like they belong to us a bit again. Rest well while you can, and of course im sending you lots of cyber hugs!! thinking of you xx