Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


I ended up having to phone my Consultants Secretary again today as it’s been nearly 3 weeks since the last time I spoke to her and I’d heard nothing back.She said that she’s been trying to get one of the reps to come in to see me to try reprogramming the SCS in my left leg.She thinks someone is in one day this week so she’ll speak to a Consultant and then give me a ring once she knows.I hope I can get something sorted soon though and hopefully fingers crossed it just needs reprogramming.My knee has be absolutely killing me today and as my GP upped the fentanyl to the 50’s (which I’m now finding won’t stay stuck where I put them and tend to fall off really easily even with loads of tape over them) I really don’t want to go any higher cos of all the hassle of having to lower the dose gradually when I want to come off it again.
love and hugs Kaz xx