Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Liz it was good to hear from you sweetie. and yes have been a really busy bee. I dont know if ive ever told you i own a childrens dancing school. I used to do all the teaching but these days i employ 3 teachers and i try and pop in for a while to over see everything. About 2 years ago prior to my last fusion i had this mad idea about hiring out a theatre an putting on a show and saturday was the day of the show. It was a long and very exhausting day and im paying the price for it now but it went off fantastically well and i have been in undated with phone calls congratulating me on how wonderful the show was. I must say i felt really proud and even though i cant teach anymore i can still be involved and it certainly helps me take my mind off the pain.
Anyway i hope you are all doing ok and Rob it getting nearer goodluck lots of love Nicky