Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


sorry too much to say –
I am still pleased I made the decision to go with the SCS although it is not all straightforward. I have excellent relief from my leg pain but as things are improved it makes you ‘forget’ there is an underlying condition that rears it’s head when you are not expecting it. That least favourite word of mine, pacing comes into my head – I was never good at it, but I have to get better!!! I have had problems with my thoracic spine & referred pain in my side….physio breathed the ‘facet’ word at me the other day that I am trying to ignore!!! I have decided to stay on my 12mcg fentanyl for the time being as this seems to help along with the usual top ups from time to time. I will see how things are & hope it settles, but like all of us am frustrated!! I am with Rob in his comments about the SCS not being a cure – whatever we tell the Drs, there is a little part that hopes it is a ‘cure’ but it is a way of managing the pain. I would still do it all again, but am well aware I need to be more careful & keep my expectations realistic!!! It has raised issues for my work so that is hanging over me – UGH.
I hope all the other Tinglers are tingling well out there & any tips on remaining realistic would be gratefully received!
Liz x