Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Liverpool was warm and dry and the pre op went ok. Surgery still planned for the 9th March, There was aspanner in the works in so far as after all this time and consistently being told operating was a complete NO there was seen an opportunity to try discetomy. It was a complcated issue as the trial was considered reasonably successful. The discectomy could fall anywhere in the equation but at best a cure and at worse total or part failure. Having been told so consistently in the past for so long and by so many consultants that it would probably fail and be high risk I declined and am sticking to help the pain rather than take the risks involved in taking it away. I just dont fancy another 12 months of possible failure when I know at this stage the scs will help. Hard decision but made anyway. He was my third Neurosurgeon and I do wonder what I would have decided if he had come along first ! He was happy with whatever I wanted to do.