Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi all im back in business the lap top has been returned today and is in full working order,
I wish the same could be said for your scs Kaz thats awful news hun you have been treated very unfairly. I agree with the other guys about asking to be referred to another stimulator dept in another hospital or your consultant must have a registra that can do the procedure as there has to be someone there to deal with emergencys that may arise as these machines are used for epilepsy as well. My clinic have always got the consultant who deals with complicated cases and a registra who does the more straight forward cases. I would just keep pestering them until they get so fed up hearing your name that they have to do something about it.
Im so sorry sweetie you just shouldnt have to put up with this.
I hope everyone else is doing ok i will speak to you all soon take care Nicky
ps Rob thank you for your e mail i will be replying very soon