Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi Amanda

Thanks for telling me again to be careful – I am & am looking after the leads, it is just when I forget & stretch that I worry I will do some harm…….the SCS is very effective & I value it enormously, can’t remember life without it, it is just the odd reminder that I need. I am aching today as I have been sitting today at a course & will suffer big time. I have a physio appt this week so that will be interesting. I am still debating about my pain relief as I haven’t got below 12mcgs & have a real discomfort in my side that I am fairly sure is mechanical – will see what the physio says. How are things for you?
Thanks again for your words of advice – I have to remind myself this is an ongoing issue that I will always have to be careful of.
Liz x