Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Oh NO Kaz but there is an upside insofar as if it was going to play up better before the correction than afterwards as maybe they will sort it all out in one go. It appears that they are a bit like the winter weather and have a poor season as Caroline is having to be patient too. Havent heard from Fisherbloke for a while but he had a hiccup earlier in the winter but am hoping no news is good news. I do have to admit that from my own research the leads are very much the weak point of the system. Maybe this will improve as time goes on but it would appear that it stems from either poor initial siting or patients forgetting to take care in movement. To me they look almost like cheese wire and I wonder if the tissue cannot heal well enough to fix them firmly due to the constant irritation. They do tend to be placed where there is a lot of normal everyday body movement regardless of more rigorous activity. Have you a date yet for correction Kaz?