Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6

Sweet Caroline

Hi All,
Not posted as I’ve been ill with some awful virus but thankfully feeling much better now.
Rob, Delighted to hear you have a date and hope it all goes to plan but be careful as you dont want anything to put a spoke in the wheel, rest up and take care.
Liz, How are you getting on ? I hope your managing with decreasing the drugs ok.
Kaz, Hope you get your date and be ‘tingling’ again soon.
Nicky, I know how you feel not having your laptop as it is a lifeline that I couldn’t be without, so hopefully you will have it sorted soon, hope your doing ok.
We are snowed in here so I for one wont be trying to get out im quite happy to watch from the window and be safe and warm.
Take care everyone and stay warm

Caroline xxx