Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


hi all,
I feel like ive been away for ages as my lap top died the beginning of January and i can only get on line briefly when my daughters not using her lap top. My daughters and my lap top both went for repair 4 weeks ago hers came back within a few days meanwhile mine is still going through diagnostics they have replaced 2 parts but its still not working. It is so frustrating as it is my life line to the outside world and i have become so addicted to using it and they cant tell me how much longer it will be. any way enough of me whinging. Rob omg i cant believe you fell over just what you need on top of everything else did you legs give way or was it a matter of slipping on the ice it mustve been quite a bang to the head you certainly dont need whiplash on top of everything else. I think we will have to wrap you up in cotton wool until you get your stimulator i will be keeping fingers crossed that you do go in in March youve waited so long for this surely they cant delay it any longer.
Any way I hope everyone else is doing better than me in this cold horrible weather
Hopefully i will in touch soon on a repaired lap top take care everyone Nicky