Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


Hi All

Poor One-fingered-typist….you must be frustrated. It is like having a carrot dangled & not quite getting it. Why they suggest potential dates & then can’t be organised enough to keep them is a mystery to me. Being in limbo is one of the worst things I think – perhaps I am a control freak!!
I hope that you get some answers on Thursday – will email soon. xx

Sarah – how are you? I haven’t emailed but will later xx

Managed to get the fentanyl down to 12.5mcgs plus about 3mcgs on the second patch – def got more energy & nowhere near as exhausted – perhaps I have been living in a haze for the last couple of years! I have good coverage but the odd breakthrough if I overdo things, but with an increase in buzz & a bit of enforced pacing I can manage that. I am still having trouble with pain in my side, but nowhere near as bad as before – any ideas how long the ‘tenderness’ where the leads go in lasts???

Kaz- I am not good with anaesthetics – they make me sick so they give me so much ‘stuff’ I am not in the world for ages after….don’t mind as long as I am not sick though!! Hope your Mum is on the mend. As I have said, getting the fentanyl down is giving me more energy, makes me realise just how yukky it has made me!! Don’t blame you for wanting to get it down.

Caroline, hope you are bearing up?

Amanda, Fisher, Ross, Chris etc, hope you are all wellish???

Liz x