Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6


I know you will be apprehensive about more surgery but if you find when the SCS is on it gives you relief it has to be worth it doesn’t it? The surgery itself was not too bad, but the limitations after were frustrating & the incisions were uncomfortable – I only took extra tramadol & paracetamol for a week or so & then the odd paracetamol. Now, things are Ok – the leads site can be tender but I can lie on it & it is fine. The SCS box can be tender again, but nothing awful.

Hi Kaz – glad to hear you have a date to aim at – I bet you will be so glad to get things sorted & will be thinking about you, let us know. I agree about the relief & I am so pleased with mine & as I have said a trying to reduce the fentanyl – did you manage to stop it altogether?

Finger & toes crossed for you both.

Hey Rob – will email you tomorrow. I have survived 3 days at work, but am tired now. Hope all is OK with you – chat soon.

Hope all the other tinglers & non-tinglers are well & keeping warm, mind you it is much warmer here today. Tuesday it was awful & our drive was incredibly icy I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the car out – I did but it was very slippery.
Take care
Liz x