Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 6

chris tay

Hi all
Stim-cord-u-laters, or stim-u-nutters, I can not
focus to well at present due to the continued
throbbing of my head, I have heard it is some kind of virus thats going around i’ve had it since the beginning of December it feels like fluid on the brain, maybe its the grey cells are disolving at a rapid rate who knows.
I do Know that any scans cannot be done, it’s the only drawback with these implants this is where one pays the piper.
Rob building igloos from snow is the easy bit, the hard bit was doing this in a white-out at forty below or more then to top it off by jumping into the freezing cold fijord after cutting out a three foot deep ice cube, its not a thing one likes to do
but its part the course,” a load of use now”, maybe thats where I got the headache hmm.
The days are drawing near for you now Rob,
you know how slow the waiting goes and then you blink and you join the stimmers group with
a new freedom of life once all is done, do not
sit on a hard table with the stim on as you can vibrate across the table, ha ha, good luck to you
I hope it is a trouble free implant.