Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 5


I just love your posting Chris and I am not put off at all. A little help is all I want and have never had false expectations that it will be the ‘end all’. I have never expected back to normality..I just want a bit more comfort and reducing those meds would be a bonus. I am a little concerned about slow reaction when the scs goes wrong that Kaz is experiencing and also concerned that Caroline was “expressed” through the system which, frankly, accounts for the apparent poor result. I am sure they will get it together in the end while she pays the price of her actual condition . I doubt whether the electrical hitches are much with Liz either and they will soon be rectified. Fisherbloke had a hic cup but has overcome his. Afterall for the price of the thing it is fair not to expect it to run that smooth. With pricey stuff complications are normal. Look at the property market haha.